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Lau Feliu

About the artist:

Estanislau Feliu i Maspons, better known as Lau Feliu, is a sculptor, painter, illustrator and jeweler born in Barcelona in 1957.

In 1973 he began studying painting at the Massana school in Barcelona. Two years later he started working in the sculpture workshop of Cinto Casanovas, where he specialized in the discipline. Since 1979, he has combined his artistic vocation with art teaching.

His works repeatedly deal with aspects such as the duality between men and women, landscapes, animals and the riders of the apocalypse. Feliu reflects in his pieces on lack of communication, nature and human relationships, achieving a balance that is difficult to find between message and image.

Among his notable artistic contributions there are several sculptures of the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, located on the top of the Passion façade. He has also exhibited and participated in various European fairs and galleries.

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