5 PILLARS that keep us advancing


We are passionate about the stone trade and are lucky enough to know many little secrets and details. Did you know that when stone is frozen, it does not “break well”? Or that there are stones, such as black stone, that change a lot in temperature depending on the environment, while others, such as travertine, cost a lot to heat?

We have experienced all this ourselves for many years. So much so that even members like Jordi and Pitu have been accredited with the honorary title of Master Craftsman.


We have over 130 years of tradition in the trade. As you can imagine, there are many anecdotes that accompany us from the beginning. If one day we have the opportunity to meet each other we would be happy to share some of them.

It fulfils us to keep the history alive through the works of stone and to admire how they endure in time in the face of a changing environment.


Whatever you ask for, we will take care of turning your idea into stone. We want it to be as simple as that. We give you the peace of mind of being in good hands and having the security of meeting your requirements. We have the machinery and the knowledge to do it.


For our clients, for the environment, for those who observe stone sculptures carefully, for those who simply look at them out of the corner of their eye… For each and every one of them, we give our best. We know that many people enjoy a well-made work of stone and so we treat every order with the utmost dedication and respect.


The voice of experience tells us that the best results arise from a total alignment between the stonemason and the client. To create satisfactory, trustworthy relationships with our clients, we endeavour to establish close communication and to share concerns in an honest, transparent way.

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