The material we work with, the stone, cannot be manufactured. It simply exists in nature and we humans have taken it upon ourselves to extract it through quarrying.

In the course of history, quarrymen worked the stone they had closest to them. In Carrara they used marble, in Porriño granite, in Castellfollit basalt… In Barcelona, the stone from Montjuïc and the granite from Maresme.

Today, at a time when transport is more accessible, we have materials from all over the world. We sculpt basalt from the East (China, Vietnam…), from South America (Brazil) and from Europe (Italy, France and Catalonia).

As for marble, we work with materials from Asia (Vietnam and Iran), Africa (Angola) and Europe (Italy, France and Spain). The granites we use come from Europe (Portugal, Spain, France and Italy), America (Brazil, USA…), Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe…) and Asia (China, India…).

Although the trade of stone mason is carried out all over the world, it is interesting to see how the stone is worked in a similar way from one end of the planet to the other.

As you can imagine, different types of stone do not share the exact same properties. For example, granite is a stone that is characterized by being hard and recommended for pavements, columns, slabs whereas marble is a softer material and indicated to make pikes, design pieces, sculptures…

Depending on the order and the specific wishes of the customer, we adapt and advise on the most suitable material to achieve the best result. It is the details that make the difference, and choosing the right stone is essential for all subsequent work to make sense.

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