The silent friend who helps us to make it possible

Our workshop is differentiated by two branches: machining and finishing. This configuration is designed to produce unique, difficult-to-execute pieces.

Within the mechanized part we have last generation machinery, like the CNC and Robotics types, which due to their high cost, are within reach of few workshops. The optimization of this part has been the result of a successful coexistence between our craftsmanship and the help of the machines. This has been possible thanks to the experience accumulated over many years in the profession.

For finishing the work, we have tools that have accompanied us since the beginning, such as the chisels, hammers, plumbers bob or mallet. It is in this section, where the trade of our workers takes on a lot of relevance. They are capable of making the most complex pieces you can imagine with the maximum rigor.

The use of traditional tools is accompanied by growing technological training that has taken place within the workshop, driven by the next generations.

Apart from diverse standard machinery, we have state-of-the-art technology that gives us the capacity to work large format pieces.

First of all, we have 5 articulated robots that have between 6 and 7 axles of mobility. These mechanized arms work on so many cartesian axles that they can reach positions of difficult access and imitate the behavior of a human arm.

As an anecdote, due to the esteem we have for them and to differentiate between them, we have ended up naming each of these robots: they are in Ramon, Maria, Eurasia, Guiver and Canut.

In our workshop we also have 2 CNC (computer numeric control) type machines, which form a communion between software and machinery, can follow complex sequential instructions and accelerate processes that would otherwise take forever. One of them, Beppo, allows us to work on large pieces; the other, the Beppa, is very practical for making smaller pieces.

Finally, we must also mention 2 molding threads, with 2 and 5 Cartesian axles, which help us in the task of giving shape to the ornaments.

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