More than 130 years breaking stone

They say that history must be read in the stones. We write our own, since the passion for stone accompanies us even at meals. So that we carry it in our blood, we carry it in our hands.

1884 - 1962
1884 - 1962
The spark

Joan Barbany i Verdaguer

Every fire needs a spark. For us, Joan Barbany was that and more.
At just 10 years old he was already taking his first steps as a stonemason in Marseille. His profession took him around the world, where he picked up skills in places such as Morrocco, France and Argelia.
When he came back to his homeland, he started to work in the stone quarries of Montjuïc in Barcelona and in Sant Esteve d’Alcoll, where he settled down.
Among his outstanding works, we can find the monument to Fallen Soldiers in Barcelona, the Column of Canaletes on La Rambla in Barcelona or the Altar in Breda. Also, he was the first Barbany to provide materials for our beloved Sagrada Familia.
1911 - 1998
1911 - 1998
From stone to art

Pere Barbany i Sabatés (Peret)

Pere Barbany spent his childhood in Argelia. However, it was not there but in the stone quarry of Sant Esteve d’Alcoll where at a very early age, he began to get his hands dirty.
Unfortunately, a war injury when he was young limited him in some stonemason tasks. That twisted hand and his rebellious nature brought him closer to the artistic and bohemian environment of the time. His skill in the trade excited those around him. And so he developed professional and personal relationships with artists like Manuel Cusachs, Josep Pla and Manolo Hugué.
Peret always lived with his brother, bringing a touch of joy to the profession.
1925 - 2012
1925 - 2012
The first master craftsman


In the midst of the outbreak of the Civil War, Josep Barbany, at the age of 10, had his first experience as a stonemason, protecting himself from the war in the Alcoll family quarry.
Thanks to his father and brother’s teachings, and over the years he was able to master a profession to a degree only achievable by a few. In 1950, together with Francisca Triadó i Roig, they opened the Òrrius quarry.
Pitu was a prolific stonemason. Numerous works of sculpture and construction as well as religious work remain in his legacy, including restoration work on the Hospital de Sant Pau, Can Serra and La Carassa in Barcelona, the Churches of Mosqueroles, of Sant Josep and Sant Jaume de Mataró, Monument to Josep Pla de Palafrugell or the Column in the Courtyard of the Chaplains in Elche.
All of this work was oficially recognized in 2000 when he recieved the title of Master Craftsman.
1965 -
1965 -
Stone art in the 21st century

Jordi Barbany i Triadó

In the trade since the age of 16, Jordi was able to adapt the stonemason methodology to the 21st century and create his own mark on the company.
From 1993 on, his wife, Ana Maria Fernández, joined the family business. In the same year, they made the first sculpture for the Sagrada Familia, a major turning point.
In 2000, Ana and Jordi founded Granits Barbany S.L. In 2008, they modernized the workshop by renovating the installations with the latest technology.
Jordi Barbany has participated in carrying out world-renowned works such as the Sagrada Familia, Santa Maria del Mar or Santa Maria church in Mataró. Also, he has been involved in many monuments and sculptures like the Aesculapius of Empúries. In a more artistic aspect, he has collaborated with artists like Jaume Plensa, Adel Abdessemed, Jordi Benito, Lluís Ventós, Manuel Cusachs and Lau Feliu, among others.
In recognition of his professional career, he recieved the title of Master Craftsman in 2015.
1993 / 1996 -
1993 / 1996 -
The present and the future

Arnau i Júlia Barbany Fernández

Arnau and Júlia, children of Anna and Jordi, 4th generation of the lineage, have lived the craft of stonemason craftsmanship since they were very young.
Arnau started his career in Òrrius accompanied by his father Jordi and grandfather Pitu. Currently he is managing the company production where he has the oportunity to evolve profesionally with the latest technology.
He has been the last member of the dynasty to work for Manuel Cusachs and the sculpture of Sant Antoni Abat. He has also worked for renowned artists like Jaume Plensa, Adel Abdessamed, Lluís Ventós, and young designers such as Max Enrich or Sanna Völker.
Julia, like everyone in the lineage, knows first hand the quarry and what surrounds it.
She studied a double degree in Protocol and International Relations. Also a Master in Sports Management at the Johan Cruyff Institute.
At Barbany she is responsible for the company’s image and international relations. She is also responsible for promoting and organizing events and business visits to the company.
They both know that effort is the first condition and the tool involved until the end of the process in creating unique pieces.
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