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Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson

About the artist:

Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson is a British artist resident in Barcelona. Her sculptures are abstract and often have sinuous shapes that seem to defy the impossible.

Sophie is a graduate in 3D Design and Ceramics in Bath, United Kingdom. She moved to Hackney in 1995 to continue her artistic exploration in the south-west of England and Wales.

Her work often comes from elements that can be found in nature, such as fossils, animals, fluid organic forms or architectural landscapes. Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson’s sculptures are beautiful and suggestive interpretations of the world around us. In her sculptures, the inner life of the work ends up gaining strength and detaching itself from the real object that inspires it.

She is the co-founder of a shared creative space for artists in Barcelona. She is also currently working in her sculpture studio collaborating with galleries, international designers and architects from around the world.

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