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Sanna Völker

About the artist:

Sanna Völker is a Swedish designer of objects and furniture who currently works mainly in Barcelona. Her designs often have a sober, refined look, and they present a fascinating balance between harmony and intrigue.

Sanna studied Product Design at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Barcelona, ​​where she began to show interest in the design of everyday elements such as chandeliers, tables or candle holders.

Many of her works feature pure geometries and very well-kept details. She often extracts references from architecture and photography, which are disciplines that inspire her in the aesthetics of her work.

Human behavior and its intervention in nature are themes that usually appear in her works. One of the aspects that enhances Sanna Völker’s work is her interest in craftsmanship and the transformation of materials to end up giving rise to contemporary pieces.

She currently combines her work as a designer with the curation of content on current issues, such as the preservation of crafts, and teaching product and furniture design at the IED in Barcelona.

Her pieces have been exhibited in cities with international projection such as Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Cologne and Paris.

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