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Adel Abdessemed

About the artist:

Adel Abdessemed is a multidisciplinary artist born in Constantine (Algeria) in 1971. His work, mainly conceptual, is shown in various artistic forms: sculpture, photography, videos and drawings.

Abdessemed grew up and started his studies in Batna, Algeria. At the age of sixteen, he became the youngest student to enter the Regional School of Fine Arts in Batna.

His youth was marked by the Civil War in Algeria. Finally, the climate of violence and persecution pushed him to leave the country in 1994 and go to live in France. Since then he has been in touch with cultures from all over the world in different cities such as Lyon, Paris, New York or Berlin.

His creations encompass a broad theme, such as violence, politics, history or religion. Adel Abdessemed uses a direct and sensitive visual language that does not deviate from the controversy. The violence he lived first hand in the past, he used it to question the world from a unique perspective through art.

His work has been recognized internationally and has appeared in numerous exhibitions for institutions and festivals such as the Venice Biennale, the Museum of Modern Art of Genoa, the Massachusetts Technological Institute, the MoMA in New York or the Georges Pompidou Center from Paris, for just mentioning some.

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