The saga of the Barbany artisan stonemasons started at the end of the XIX century with Joan Barbany. He worked in different quarries but went to Sant Esteve d'Alcoll, Llinars del Vallès, where he created the family company along side his sons, Peret and Pitu. Initially they delivered uncut blocks and products for urbanisms like kerbs, paving stone ...

Peret, bohemian, we enjoy being able to carry out complex and world renowned works like the Sagrada Familia Temple. focused his profession towards more artistic work. He collaborated with various sculptors and important works of the time. Pitu, Maestro Stonemason, used the best of both to perfect the family trade. I, Jordi, Pitu's son, have learnt the trade and the commitment to good work from them.

Now, after more than 25 years of experience and with the constant need to evolve in the ancestral trade, I have managed to develop a workshop for the XXI century where I can carry out more complex works that are known throughout the world.


Jordi Barbany